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Most of this website handles Jahar's travails from a legal perspective. But many Internet truth-seekers take into consideration what they saw on TV. I’ll now construct  a Q and A, in which the questioner is a skeptic who tries to topple my theory. Then, at the bottom of this page I show a video of "Crazy Liz" who wants us to teach a different truth.

Q & A

Q – We saw Jahar read an apology to the people he hurt. Isn’t that sufficient proof of his guilt?

A – Jahar was threatened with harm in jail if he did not allow himself to get convicted. What would you do in that circumstance? Anyway, the wording of the confession is blatantly not his — such as the line “If there be any lingering doubt, let it be no more.” Do 19-year-olds say that?


Q – But he also wrote a sincere-sounding confession when he was hiding in the docked boat.

A – No way in hell was that boat confession genuine. Besides the religious wording — he was not a religious guy — there are two facts that kill the confession. First it includes a statement that Tamerlan has already arrived in Allah’s bosom, but Jahar could not have known that his brother had died, as he supposedly fled the scene. Second, Jahar did not have the wherewithal to write anything. One sharp pencil was found on the boat, but that would not work on fiberglass, right?


Q – Don’t you know that Public Defender Judy Clarke openly said she was accepting Jahar’s guilt so she could get the jury’s sympathy to give less than a death sentence?

A – Sure I do know that, and I consider it malicious. She was also saying that the public awareness of Jahar’s guilt was great, before the trial. Oh? What evidence did the public have? It had none. The point of a trial is to present evidence, and for the accused to pooh-pooh it.


Q – On what grounds could Jahar pooh-pooh any of the FBI’s evidence?

A – Ah, now you’re asking the right question. Let’s start with one of the crimes for which the jury unanimously convicted Jahar — the murder of MIT cop, Sean Collier. Per the “official narrative” — whatever that means — the Tsarnaev brothers started to run from the law on the Thursday night after the Monday Marathon. To acquire a second gun for their journey, they entered the huge campus of MIT. Officer Collier, age 27, was sitting in his cruiser so Jahar (who had never before said Boo to a goose) shot Collier dead, to heist his gun. How’s that for absurd?


Q – Is there a chance that the bombing was a hoax, and that no one really got injured?

A – I have no idea as I (Mary Maxwell) have never examined the events of April 15, 2013 on Boylston St. My beef is with the false accusation of an innocent man, and the obvious breaches of legal protocol in his trial. In fact, it was never a “trial” to find out if he did it; his Defender’s opening statement was “It was him.” Yet Jahar always pleaded not guilty.


Q – What about the amputees? And the 264 other victims who were injured?

A – Please let me concentrate on the conviction of an innocent man, not on the Boylston St. event. However, I’m willing to say that the great effort made by the FBI to blame Jahar suggests that the FBI may be protecting someone else who did do the bombing.


Q – So far you haven’t impressed me. I think boys who do bombings could also do murders.

A – Sure it takes a bit of smarts to do a bombing, but it takes major stupidity to approach a cop in his cruiser. I know you’re thinking “But see? Jahar succeeded! Nobody stopped him.” Of course I do not think he succeeded, as I am sure he never went to the MIT campus that night at all.


Q – Who are you, Miss Smarty Pants, to know that he didn’t go to that campus?

A – I’m judging by the pathetic-ness of the evidence. Here are the 3 pieces of evidence used to place Jahar at MIT.

1. When Tamerlan carjacked a man, Dun Meng, an hour later, he boasted that he had just killed a cop. And did Judy Clarke did make mincemeat of that witness, as one’s defender is supposed to do, pointing out, say, that Meng had several times changed his story? No. She doesn’t believe in cross-examination. 

2.  A student said he saw a man with Jahar’s looks, leaning into the window of Collier’s car at the right time (10:25pm), but he said he heard no noise, and as we all know, gunshot is not pianissimo.

3. The MIT supervisor Sgt Henniger said he drove by that cruiser around that time and did not see anything amiss. He has also admitted that the FBI swarmed around the campus earlier, in the afternoon, but no one will say why.


Q – I don’t think you are telling me the trial dialogue completely.

A – Yes I am. I’m giving you the nub of it. There was also “physical evidence.” One was the blood of Collier in the front seat, which my fellow amicus, Cesar Baruja, MD, says is not the right color for blood, and then the FBI destroyed that cruiser for no reason. Another evidence, accepted without a doubt in court, is a far-away photo of two men, or ants, crossing the parking lot in the dark. The MIT camera man, Matt Isgur, won a prize for his work. He also concocted a one-hour film for the trial, which amazingly omits the very 5 minutes of the 10:25pm death.


Q – You can’t tell me the defense failed to question that omission.

A – Yes, I can and do. If you are wondering why someone in the gallery didn’t shout “Foul play” it’s because the Moakley courtrooms are intimidating. Not in the sense of displaying torture weapons for interrogation, or the room being filled by guards carrying riot shields. Nothing like that. The room is intimidating because it is beautiful and lofty. I have been in it and can’t imagine I could ever express disapproval there. The ceilings are high and the acoustics would pick up a pin drop.  And there’s the judge, up on the dais wearing his little black Gucci robe.


Q – All right, all right, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But if nobody could scream in court, I’ll bet they could scream at your Open Mic session.

A – The Open Mic was held right after my one-hour moot-court appeal for Jahar based on his innocence. Many Watertown people expressed doubt about the trial. One lady said she saw cop cars dashing around on Thursday April 18, before the FBI had shown the brothers’ photos on TV, which allegedly made them become fugitives. However, the best stuff at the Open Mic came from police Sgt John McLennan, who was the supervisor on the night of Jahar’s boat-side capture. I took him to be sincere. He probably got in trouble for spilling the beans.


Q – What beans?

A – Three beans.

1. Sergeant said a female ‘phoned in to say she witnessed Collier’s death, and they sent for her, but when the police hunt for Jahar began, they got distracted and never followed up.

2. He said he personally held Tamerlan in his arms after Tamerlan got run over, and saw him bleeding to death. [Surely it wasn’t Tamerlan, so let’s discover who it really was. I suspect it was some double patsy.]

3. Sgt said there was a man interrogated by FBI who was told to take his clothes off, as they suspected a bomb, and afterward when he was set free, Sgt tried to locate him thru Facebook, to apologize. [Sorry, Sarge, that one is not believable. At the point of his interrogation, his name and address would’ve got recorded.] I’ll bet that man is FBI himself, yanked in for damage control after CNN showed the real Tam’s naked picture on CNN.


Q – How do I know you are not lying?

A – Hummux made a video of the Open Mic hour. It’s still on YouTube. Let me mention that if the bleeding-to-death guy carked it, that makes 4 deaths for which the FBI needs to be held as suspect. First, Collier’s death. Second, Tamerlan’s death in custody — he was seen naked on CNN without any wounds; he died a few hours later, so he must have been murdered; Third, the patsy on the street. Fourth, Ibragim Todashev in Florida who was killed a few weeks later, in May 2013. The FBI admits killing Todashev but has written it off as self-defense. Maybe they should also be charged with conspiring to kill Jahar. When I asked Sgt why 228 bullets were shot at Jahar’s boat, he said it wasn’t Watertown police it was “agencies.”    I’d also charge the media with fraud. I included the Boston Globe in my RICO suit, Maxwell v FBI et al. 

— End of Q & A.


Dear Americans, You don’t want to let this case reach its silly conclusion: Jahar fries.

If you accept that, you must be prepared to accept the same for yourself. The courts have been lawless for decades, which is extremely frightening. I reckon the entire problem of public acceptance is based on our not knowing how to proceed. One waits years expecting Supreme Court justices will resolve a problem, but then we see they are of the same ilk as lower courts.

Come on, young people. Protect your future. I know you’re busy and can’t be bothered. But all for want of a nail — your helping to crack down on the Boston Marathon trial — the shoe and the horse and the battle could be lost.   Please share this message around. Please act now. Don’t wait. It will be too late. I hope to hear from fighters.


Now here is Crazy Liz's video. I think she's perfectly reasonable, given that she has taken what "facts" media has to offer. For instance, she says Jahar must be guilty, "why else was he on the run?"  I think he was not on the run. I assume the carjacking did not happen as reported by Dun Meng and did not really happen at all.

Jahar is innocent?! WTF!

Jahar is innocent?! WTF!

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The following amazing statement is by the late Robert David Steele, who was a counsel at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He was formerly a CIA agent. He said: 


“I managed a false flag event for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in my capacity as a Clandestine Operations Officer stationed overseas. I have personal experience with ‘legalized lying’ whereby ostensible orders ‘from the highest authorities’ mandate lying to the Court and lying to the media and the public, in support of national security objectives. Individuals ordered to lie are offered both full immunity and severe penalties if they fail to lie as ordered.”  

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