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Do you go around worrying that you'll be arrested, or killed, or at least smeared for delving into dissidence? Yeah, right, me too. It could happen. Keeping us citizens under control is a major goal of the upper echelon (apparently). Many people in Boston, reacted early on to the falseness of the Marathon bombing story. I am not aware that they subsequently suffered (for example Tom Fontaine and Mary Lou Lord). I have not been punished. I say: Take a chance. I used to think any persons with a spouse or child should not risk their life but I now think it more risky, over time, to do nothing.

I am unskilled for advising action. Just think up anything you can do, maybe church-related. I plan to get a busking permit and sing the new song "Jahar on the MTA" at a red-line or orange-line station. Our situation today is extremely dire. And just think how unAmerican it is that the prisoner, Jahar, has no way to call for help. (He is under SAMS, cannot even phone his aunt who is a lawyer.)

Come on, young people. "For want of a nail" — your helping to crack down on the Boston Marathon trial — the shoe and the horse and the battle could be lost.   Please share this message around. Please act now. Don’t wait. It will be too late.



Mary W Maxwell, 175 Loudon Rd, Apt 6, Concord NH 03301, USA 



Mary grew up in Dorchester Massachusetts and has a BA from Emmanuel College, an MLA from Johns Hopkins, and a PhD and LLB from University of Adelaide, Australia. She is the author of Prosecution for Treason, and Fraud Upon the Court.  She was an amicus curiae in the case United States v Tsarnaev for 5 years from 2017 to 2022.




I invite rejoinders to anything I have said on this website. 

Cops, politicians, attorneys, this is your chance. Show me my errors. I will print them here (unless they are totally whacko, OK?).  

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