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"Boston's Marathon Bombing"

Click on picture for a free pdf of my book, "Boston's Marathon Bombing: What Can Law Do?" The paperback copy can be purchased for $15 from and Amazon.

Note: This book is a revised edition of a book previously entitled "The Soul of Boston and the Marathon Bombing."  That book is on the shelf at Boston Public Library. 


A Canadienne bought the court transcript and generously shares them at, under the name: "The Boston Marathon Bombings: What Happened?"     


The following amazing statement is by the late Robert David Steele, who was a counsel at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He was formerly a CIA agent. He said: 


“I managed a false flag event for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in my capacity as a Clandestine Operations Officer stationed overseas. I have personal experience with ‘legalized lying’ whereby ostensible orders ‘from the highest authorities’ mandate lying to the Court and lying to the media and the public, in support of national security objectives. Individuals ordered to lie are offered both full immunity and severe penalties if they fail to lie as ordered.”  

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