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I realize I have not given enough credit. Many people in Boston, and also in other countries, have been on the case since it began. I am aware of the effort made by Mary Lou Lord, Tom Fontaine, Jim Fetzer, and a Catalonian. I do not know of any lawyers or judges -- who must surely see through the false case -- but don't let that stop you. I am aware that protests have been led by persons opposed to the death penalty in general. (I am not opposed to it.) Russ Baker and others in the alt media called attention to the holes in the story. Josee Lepine bought expensive copies of all the court transcripts and shared them on the Internet.

I am unskilled for advising action. Just think of anything you can do, maybe church related. I plan to get a busking permit and sing it in an MTA station. Better than standing on the street in the cold, tho' that is how the 1949 Charlie song got popular. (It was a protest against a raise in subway fare.) It's clear to me that the big guys are not worried when there are protests. Our situation today is extremely dire. And just think how unAmerican it is that the prisoner has no way to call for help.

Here is a YouTube video, made by "LizCrazy." She is good.  Taking all the knowledge from media (such as that the brothers were on the run, or that they hijacked a car, or that Jahar confessed to the FBI), she pleads with kids not to adore Jahar. She makes a reasonable case -- being unaware that the media info is false. I fault her only on one theme: she says "He did not prove his innocence." That's true. In America, the accused never has to prove innocence.  Rather, the prosecution has to prove guilt.  Of course, Jahar's "defenders" could have knocked the prosecution evidence, but chose not to. I thank Liz for caring.

Beloved Reader, anything you can do is a ton better than nothing.  Good luck! 

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